Subway Wall Tile

Always Classic, Always Trendy
Subway tile is a rectangular, brick-like, usually polished ceramic tile that reminds you of subway stations. Adorning kitchens, bathrooms and powder rooms, it comes in many colors and fits all kinds of styles, from traditional to contemporary. It's fresh, inexpensive and classic.


Eclectic blend of products that complement an industrial design style influenced by the revitalization of downtown warehouse district. Industrial design reveals the ageless character of a space by exposing raw building materials and using them as the foundation to create functional upscale interiors.

Travertino & Limestone

Designed to mimic natural Travertine & Limestone, this porcelain collection has a gorgeous palette and is virtually maintenance-free. Excellent for commercial projects but equally as appropriate in residential environments.

Bambu Silk

Our Bambu Collection offers the high-fashion look of natural bamboo flooring in a durable and functional full-body porcelain tile. Bamboo wood is popular for its understated modern style, and the Bambu collection captures the aesthetic flawlessly. 

Calacatta & Statuario

Calacatta & Statuario marble has long been one of the most prized marbles in the world. Gluck has taken porcelain tiles to a new level with its spot on reproduction of this famed stone. Soft honey colored veining flows through a creamy background, making this the most beautiful calacatta reproduction we have ever seen.

Durable, practical and versatile, porcelain is an essential element of residential and commercial design alike. The Gluck assortment offers the very best of this category. We offer all flooring types to meet your needs and help turn your project into your dream home with the look and feel you want in every room.     

Gluck GmbH Corporation

Indoor Ceramic Floor Tile

Glazed ceramic floor tiles with a richly textured surface and stunning hues.



Contemporary, sophisticated and cosmopolitan range that's equally at home in a family home as in a city centre apartment. It's a perfect blend of the old and new, marrying the pure appeal of raw concrete with the neutral tones found in the natural world.


Our porcelain flooring perfectly replicates the antique marble floors softly worked by age and wear that are used throughout Italy·s public spaces.


The unadorned elegance of industrial concrete, hand-trowelled and foot-worn, has inspired the birth of Avanti. It is a concrete of beauty, on which people have clearly left their mark. This human touch lessens the concrete’s austerity, giving it warmth and life. The space created provides protection from the tumult and chaos outdoors, giving a sense of well-being and calm.



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Outdoor & Indoor Porcelain Tile

The result of passionate research into style, Gluck brings together the atypical natural stone shades of timeless fascination with the impeccable features of outdoor porcelain stoneware. The outdoor venue becomes a place where contemporary hints and refined hues live in perfect harmony.

Ceramic Wall Tile

Calm and serene, rustic with a hint of sophistication, where old-world style meets modern living. These beautiful ceramic tiles radiate luxury and style in flat and dimensional 3D Wave & Diamond design


This collection uses the purest premium white porcelain raw materials to create the whitest white available. White is available in a matte finish suitable for flooring and a high-gloss polished finish that will add a sophisticated modern drama to any wall surface.


Bringing ideas to the fore. New living styles demand a new interpretation of ceramics. Loft (Cementi) collection is a modular collection suitable for floorings, coverings and ventilated walls: a squared, rectified porcelain stoneware which can be used to give living spaces an essential, contemporary touch


The Canapa (Lino) porcelain collection represents a new direction for Gluck. This wonderfully textured field has a sophisticated and refined linen pattern, suitable for both modern and classic interiors. The palette offers four diverse and practical colors.


A rich reinterpretation, full of power and realism, of long-standing burnt cement. Industrial line breaths modernity, the productive vigor and the rhythm of a metropolis. Porcelain of gritted surface and striking structure reproduces the texture of the ancient technique of cement tiles, made stronger by the use of digital tech in high-definition

Wood Grain Tile

Making inspired use of advanced Inkjet digital technology, Our Wood Grain tile looks and feels like weathered wood planking. The tile has the appearance of being cut along the grain in an elongated, linear pattern. It is remarkably realistic to genuine wood planks but with the easy maintenance and enduring qualities of porcelain.